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The Town of Brownville is accepting applications for the following positions:

                       PT Seasonal Rec Assistant
                  PT Animal Control Officer (ACO)

PT Seasonal Rec Assistant
   The Recreation Assistant duties include assisting with summer recreation programs, such as swim, t-ball as well as maintenance of facilities and equipment. Experience working with youth and small equipment preferred (lawn mower, trimmer etc).  Hours and schedule may vary depending on planned program times and the weather. Subject to a background check.

   The Animal Control Officer is responsible for responding to complaints, capture and transportation of stray animals, enforcement of various ordinances and State Statutes related to the regulation and control of dogs and other animals.  Completion of a State Certified ACO course and experience preferred. Hours and schedule vary depending on the calls received. Successful candidate will receive an hourly wage and mileage reimbursement.

Access the job descriptions for PT Rec Assist and PT ACO or stop by the Town Office for more information and an application

Application deadline is Thursday, June 1st at 4:00p.m.

Davis Field sign.jpg

Davis Field Update

As of 5/23/2023:

     While the field closest to Davis Street has been available for teams to use for the last couple of weeks, the back field still is not. Please continue to reach out to the Brownville Rec. Director for scheduling use of the field. It is not necessary to schedule time if a few individuals want to gather and practice hitting, pitching or fielding, with the understanding that previously scheduled teams may show up to use the field.

     This past weekend, a few people thought it would be fun to ride their ATVs on the infield. They have been identified, but we want to remind everyone that although Davis Field is a place for recreation, it is only acceptable to ride or drive on the area designated to enter the trail system when the trails have opened.


Please note: 

Maine ATV News & Trail Notices: Bureau of Parks and Lands: Maine DACF

IMPORTANT TRAIL NOTICE 5/2/2023: Given the extreme flooding and the resulting damage and wet conditions that have occurred over the past several days, we expect that all trails including rail trails will remain closed until at least Memorial Day Weekend. Please plan accordingly and obey all closures.


From 5/1/2023:

     Here are a few points regarding Davis Field and some clarification as there seems to be some misunderstandings about the use of Brownville’s recreation facilities.

     There is a great deal of preparation and planning that occurs prior to any outdoor facility opening after a winter season. The infields are dragged, downed branches/debris is cleaned up, grass is mowed, lines are painted, water service is turned on, plumbing is inspected and the snack shack is prepared to open. Aside from seasonal prep, when the fields are scheduled for use, trash bins are placed and removed to prevent littering and potential messes created by wild animals rummaging, as well as the bathroom facilities being opened for use.

     With all of that in mind, on March 22nd we shared a notice on Facebook and our Town website directing “All events and activities MUST be approved and scheduled in advance by contacting Crystal Cail, the Recreation Director at 974-7886,” a typical accepted practice that is followed at most buildings, facilities, fieldhouses and recreation areas.

     PVMS/PVHS had reached out to let the Rec Director know they were not able to plan events at Davis Field this season due to circumstances out of their control. The Town has also been hoping to have one of the fields resurfaced (it’s been discussed for several years and we finally have enough carry-over funds to make it a reality), so the Rec Director has been soliciting quotes to get this project completed. It seems like perfect timing!

     This year has been no different than prior years when it comes to vandalism at Davis Field. We recently had some inappropriate paintings show up on our dugouts, and there was damage to both doors on one of our sheds last fall/winter where we store our maintenance equipment making access difficult. Aside from those incidents, the fields are still very wet and soft and we have not yet been able to drag, mow or paint them.

     Vandalism was just the tip of the iceberg! Last week we posted a notice that Davis Field is closed for use until further notice, and we had not received any specific requests to schedule dates/times at the field prior to that.

     Since then, we have received multiple phone calls from upset coaches and families stating practices had already been scheduled there and wanting to know when it will be ready. Subsequently, a schedule from one of the travel team coaches has come in with their requested dates/times.

     While we sincerely appreciate the offers to help paint over the most recent vandalism, preparing the fields is just not that simple. We are hoping to have them ready in a week or two (depending on weather conditions).

     Once the fields are ready, it is not acceptable nor permissible to simply show up at your leisure to practice, conduct a game, hold an event or use the field for any activity. You must be scheduled or have permission to be there from the Brownville Rec Director.

     If you have questions about this requirement, please feel free to reach out to me at 965-2561, e-mail or send a message to the Town’s Facebook page or our website.

Felice Lyford

Town Manager


Board of Selectpersons Meeting

The Town of Brownville Board of Selectpersons next monthly meeting is Tuesday, June 20th at 6:00p.m. at the American Legion, 67 Railroad Avenue.

Agenda to be posted when available

PSWC Entrance Sign.jpg

Penquis Solid Waste Board Meeting

The Penquis Solid Waste Board will meet on Wednesday, June 14th at 4:00p.m. at the Milo Town Hall, 6 Pleasant Street in Milo.

Agenda to be posted when available.


Welcome to Brownville

Our 200th Birthday is in 2024!

The Town of Brownville, incorporated in 1824, is a small community known for its railroad yard, slate quarries and sawmills. The Town Charter is the foundation of Town Meetings with a Selectperson and Town Manager governing body.

At the Brownville Town Office you can:

  • Register a motor vehicle, ATV or boat  

  • Obtain a license for your dog or to hunt or fish 

  • Request vital records (birth, marriage & death) 

  • Request assessing and tax records 

  • Get an application for employment, tax program and general assistance

  • Use our Notary Public, copying or faxing services (fees apply)


Several departments offer multiple services to taxpayers. Brownville has a robust Public Safety division offering Fire/EMS, Animal Control, Code Enforcement and Emergency Management. The Public Works crew maintains roadways year 'round and provides curbside trash pick-up. The Cemetery crew is responsible for the upkeep of the Village and Pine Tree Cemeteries. A part-time Recreation Director offers a full summer program and seasonal events throughout the year. The residential areas of town have public water and/or sewer access as well.


For more information, contact us at: (207) 965-2561 Hours: Monday - Thurs. 8AM to 4PM, Fri 8AM to 3PM

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