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The history of Brownville, Brownville Junction and the Village

Text: "Brownville, Welcome, the junction of past, present & future" locomotive, moose

Brownville, Brownville Junction and the Village

The Town of Brownville published the Act of Incorporation in the year 1824. This act empowered the residents of the Town to hold town meetings, appoint officers, and it vested them the power, privileges and immunities, which inhabitants of towns with the State do. This Act of Incorporation entitled residents of the Town to vote for Representatives to the Legislature of the State.

The Junction was formed as a result of the railroads. The only entrance into the Junction is under the Railroad bridge by the Pleasant River. It all began with a line that ran from Katahdin Iron Works to Bangor. Later the Canadian-Pacific Railroad came through the Junction helping it grow and prosper. Eventually after Katahdin Iron Works died away the rail lines were connected to the Bangor Aroostook Railroad and these are the tracks still used today. The ever-changing economy fluctuates but the Junction railyard stands strong. The area referred to as the Village is known for its slate quarries and sawmills.


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